Sam - 18 years old - College Freshman - The Girl - Closed

After her parent’s rough divorce, her mom remarried and she gained a stepbrother, Patrick, whom she has grown to love and care for deeply.  During her early years in high school, she obtained a bad reputation due to her habits of partying and promiscuity. However, now that it’s her senior year of high school, she is focusing on her plans for the future, which she hopes include acceptance into Penn State – University Park Campus.  Part of reaching the goal of rebuilding herself includes fostering an introverted freshman, Charlie.  With the help of Patrick, she is determined to allow Charlie to break out of his shell and teach him that in her, he always has a friend who truly loves him. Now that she’s working on becoming established in college, she’s focusing on the more important things in life like academics, family, and friends. She may even have a future with Charlie.